in companies follows the holistic transparent management of different areas and influences (diversity, dynamics, complexity). One-sided or too narrowly managed strategies of business administration reach their limits here. For example, in integrated corporate and brand communication, formal integration (i.e. the development of instruments) and temporal integration (i.e. the development of process flows) do not pose a problem for business administration. But the planned integration of content is unsolved: the reciprocal effects of different content to be integrated cannot be 'calculated' with classical business administration.

The contributions of different participants or objects of a communication must be related to each other by other means and brought into alignment with each other. The planned integration of content is therefore of interdisciplinary significance. With Pragmatic Identity Matching PrIM this research gap was closed in the context of a dissertation.

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A PrIM Integration Matrix consists of any number of individual PrIM Identity Matrices. This allows the systematic and transparent comparison of different contents and, if necessary, the comparison with a Matching Matrix in a planned manner (identity matching).

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