Targeted Innovation and Change

Aims are statements about desired conditions in the future as results of activities to improve options for action. Goals are related to development, learning, performance, sustainability, etc. in comparison to a current situation or to a competitor within a time horizon. In order to achieve the goals, various means are used to improve one's own situation or to achieve the goal before a competitor does. Economic subjects usually set their own goals or set them for their employees. Personal goals are usually intrinsically motivated as personal goals, predefined goals are regarded as extrinsic motivation.

Innovation is a deliberate, targeted process of change towards something new for the first time. As a planned and controlled change or innovation in a company or organisation, it leads to the application of new ideas and techniques as a progressive solution to a specific problem. Innovations result from ideas, if these are converted into new products, services or procedures, which are successfully applied and penetrate the market.The term innovation is associated with the researching pursuit of new insights or artistic solutions. This requires curiosity, creativity and a desire for renewal. One characteristic of avant-garde is the search for previously unknown 'innovative' forms of expression.

Change describes the sequence or course of a material or non-material transformation as an alternating process in a period of time. Change has many meanings: Revision, correction, reshaping, adaptation, transformation, etc., also renunciation, innovation, upheaval, conversion, shift or transition. The term change contains no revaluation or devaluation, whereas partial terms can revalue or devalue (e.g. progress or decline).

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The PrIM Goal Matrix
is an instrument for the precise determination of goals in line with organisational and project requirements. It describes the major organisational goals (or company goals), the associated departmental goals (or marketing goals) and the associated individual goals (or communication goals).

The PrIM Innovation Matrix opens up the targeted development of innovations in and out of the company. It is also an effective and transparent instrument for the co-orientation and integration of various contributions for Targeted Open Innovation in cooperation with various co-developers.

The PrIM Change Matrix describes the current status of a company or a project and the desired target status as a change target. Realistic development steps lead an organisation or a project in stages to the desired changed state.

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